back to article Dell flashes roadmap, keeps product futures in its pants

Dell's Storage Forum in Orlando is packed with 900 attendees, full of happy channel partners pleased with the Compellent integration process, enticed by the Fluid Data marketing idea. And yet there is a lack of pizazz, and no flat-out fantastic ideas. What we do have is rock-solid execution and a clearly expressed storage …


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Hey Brett Roscoe, your nose is growing!

Sure, we’ve talked with Dell in the past, but you know we never briefed Dell on Albireo. Dell was well on the way to acquiring Ocarina at the time we announced Albireo in June 2010. The vision you guys have for universal dedupe is a good one and the race is on for who will provide it first and best. Albireo delivers on the promise of universal dedupe by easily integrating with block and file systems and offers scalable, no performance impact dedupe for storage from data protection to primary and cloud tiers.

When you have an embedded product, we’ll gladly participate in a bake-off and over a wide range of work flows. Until that time, Brett, as our friends in Texas would say “you’re a little long on the ‘hat’ and short on the ‘cattle.’"

Tom Cook - Permabit

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