back to article Zencoder serves HTML5 video freedom in spades

Open video on the web is getting a boost, with a service that can shovel tens of thousands of files onto the net for consumption via the new open-source player Video.JS as well as Google's royalty free WebM codec. Amazon-EC2 based Zencoder has rolled out a service for transcoding thousands of video files and spitting them out …


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Namespace collision.

Great I've been using zencoder as my user name for almost everything for over a decade. Now I'm either going to have to switch religions or stop programming.


Can't be helped.

zazenshintocoder is open. Also, unless people start pushing TB of uninteresting files to you, why stop programming (or cede to Amazon?)

Don't tell me you don't like being templated as a creator because of your beliefs?

OMG it's better than threading, it actually allocates 0 anything and -actively destroys- memory map complexity! It returns **#0(double), and has peaceful traditional graphic elements.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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