back to article SwiftKey plunders social networks for style

The latest version of mobile-keyboard SwiftKey will sample your Tweets and Facebook updates and work out what kind of writer you are to better guess what you're trying to say. The idea isn't new: KeyPoint's Adaptxt does the same thing, though Swiftkey's latest version adds your Gmail outbox to the sources it uses to pinpoint …


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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Never mind

      "these people"? People with touchscreen phones who would like the most accurate way of quickly inputting text?

      All that comes out of this comment is that you are clearly someone who doesn't have anything worth saying. Presumably you couldn't find the updated troll icon?

  2. Skrrp
    Thumb Up

    <3 SwiftKey

    Best app I've ever paid for.

    Works amazingly.

    --sent from my Nexus One

    1. Brian Morrison

      Have to agree...

      ...with you on SwiftKey, even if your emoticon does rather suggest you think the app is bollocks.

      The dog's maybe?

  3. TomasF

    They're already doing it from other sources

    When you install it, it will scan your SMS texts and local mail for hints on your vocabulary. Works great imo.

  4. Steve Avis

    Never tried swiftkey

    but I've got Swipe for my Nokia X6 (best Nokia I've ever had, but that's not saying much) & it's great!

    It was a free download from Ovi & I can honestly say that It's the best thing I've ever had on a phone- quicker, easier and more intuitive than either the old school texting, predictive text or qwerty keyboards (both onscreen & fold out as in my N97 mini)

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Given that some people have a vocabulary of only 800 words, I can see how they might be so predictable...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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