back to article Twitter (officially) buys TweetDeck

After days of rumours, Twitter has announced that it is buying the popular feed organizer, TweetDeck, for US$40 million. For now, the 15-person TweetDeck team will continue in its Old Street HQ in London, and will continue to develop the software that has been downloaded by 20 million users. However, the acquisition has …


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"much lighter and thinner than running Twitter through a browser interface."


However, you can run Tweetdeck in Chrome (Tweetdeck for Chrome, or ChromeDeck)

And soon they will have the chromedeck as a web app at, too.

This is a great achievement for the Tweetdeck team! I just hope it doesn't ruin the good things that are going on!

Maybe Tweetdeck can give Twitter a lesson or two on how to make the API work properly...


oh well...

Will they:

(a) Turn it into useless 'feature' laden bloatware?

(b) Stop supporting the non-twitter feeds?

(c) Transform the UI into a hideous remake of their terrible website?

(d) Stuff it full of ads?

(e) All of the above?

Place bets...

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"e) please Bob"

a) does beg the question of whether anyone would notice - putting one pile of shit on another pile of shit?

Got to give them credit for trying to close down any external connections that definitely will not generate any revenue for them even if it means shelling out wad of OPM to do so. Got to stop imagining those yoga and coke-fuelled investor meetings where they discuss the business strategy.



Another Twitter client that'll be fucked about with by their new corporate overlords.

Twitter have bought the ideas behind TweetDeck, not the app itself. They don't need the app. They'll just grab what they can (code and engineering talent) and wrap it into Twitter itself, and it's bye bye TweetDeck.

Soon, the entire world will be under the control of Mega Corp! *puts on foil hat*

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