back to article IBM unbuttons its DCS3700 NetApp-based box

IBM has put its big data array on the table, the DCS3700, OEMed from NetApp and based on the Engenio E5400 box. The DCS3700 is intended for scalable, data streaming applications in the high performance computing (HPC) – classic big data stuff for advanced engineering and design, oil and gas research, financial market …


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It's the 2600-HD Engenio base, not the E5400

Well, well. I've been told this (anonymously):-

Actually, Chris, the DCS3700 is NOT the E5400. Rather its the 2600-HD annouced last November. see--

The E5400 is a much higher performance controller than the 2600-HD, comparable to HDS's AMS 2500 (6Gbit/s SAS backplane, higher max IOPS but lower max throughput than a DS5300/E7900).

While Oracle and SGI agreed to take the E5400 some time back, IBM never did. This "roadmap divergence" may be part of why Phil Bullinger, the head of Engenio under LSI, is no longer at Engenio or LSI (but now has been hired to head up Oracle's storage division).

In IBM's defence, however; the E5400 does not fit all that well in their portfolio. As a replacement for the DS5020, its performance numbers are just a little to close (and sometimes better) to the DS5300.


Isn't that interesting?


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