back to article Disk vendors should get properly on the SSD pot

What should HDD vendors do, given that disk drive market growth is slowing because customers are buying tablets instead of notebooks and netbooks with disk drives inside? Tablets and flash are pummelling the hard disk drive industry and, so far, it has no response, except to enter the flash market too. What else can it do? Its …


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I don't believe just adding a read write head will help HD makers

Hard Drives are old school..

They consume energy hands and fist over SSD.

They are larger

Typically hotter

Failure rates go higher as capacity increases (at least in my experience)

And are slower... much much slower.

HD makers have 1 card to play now and only 1... they cost less. But as we've seen before.. those new technology cost do come down eventually.


Oh wait.. lets just pull a Seagate

And sue

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