back to article MokaFive's VDI bares it all

Virtual desktop infrastructure upstart MokaFive – which has the audacity to do VDI mostly on the client with only out-of-band management residing on central servers – has delivered its bare-metal hypervisor for its MokaFive Suite 3.0, augmenting hosted VDI that it has been selling for more than two years. The MokaFive …


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Go try a demo then answer your own question why they haven't been bought.

It's right there in the user experience. Try it...

Anonymous Coward

"what we want to do is desktop management"

Sounds like a good approach - assuming, of course, that it really works as advertised (point taken joe.user :)

$150/user/year also sounds a little stiff, but I have no idea what other VDI solutions are running so what do I know...

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Mr Cheese - England

I agree the price point is a VERY high when I think a lot of the magic from a user point of view is VMware player under the "hood"...

That said the user experience from the trail version of BareMetal is pretty impressive - I guess it depends on the machine you test it on though. Better the spec better the performance - just like a native OS... I'm guessing joe.user closed his eyes through his test or didn't enable enhanced GPU options....

It's a very "named user" solution though which is a shame... I think it needs to be a lot more multi user friendly. By this I mean.... We have training labs of around 500 workstations in total... 1000's of users use these machines and this solution would be ideal but needs some work to brake away from "named user" model and maybe go to CCU or named device? CCU would be ideal. I guess this applys to schools, uni's, libraries, etc too?

Also... I would love to be able to install my own vm locally on the baremetal OS in addition to a "managed" VM from the server.

I don't think they would sell to VMware though as one of my mates informed me they have a tight OEM deal and relationship with Quest (future acquisition anyone?) - that would make perfect sense for both.

7/10 (based on baremetal) so far but more work to do which should enable larger use cases!

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