back to article ISS 'nauts touch down in Kazakhstan

The International Space Station's Expedition 27 came to an end yesterday as Dmitry Kondratyev, Cady Coleman and Paolo Nespoli (pictured left to right, below) departed the orbiting outpost after 157 days in space. The trio's Russian Soyuz TMA-20 undocked at 21:35 GMT. Commander Kondratyev backed the spacecraft to 600 feet from …


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Anonymous Coward

Missing detail

Is the flute part of the landing cargo and is it intact too?

The hair snaps in the flute episode from 12th of April were quite impressive too by the way.

Paris Hilton

Long hair in space...

I know that there are filters and what-not to catch bits of hair, skin, food, whatever else floats off and around humans in space but surely long hair is quite a pain to deal with (I'm thinking of the trouble two females in my house cause the bath plug-hole)?

I am aware that the photos show that there is NOT an issue (as she is allowed long hair in space), but I was wondering if anyone can explain why?

Paris icon, 'cos I'm as confused as she is.


Re: Long hair in space...

Everyone in space should be shaved from head to toe.

Then wrapped in clingfilm.



Gravity, is what causes things thing to aggregate on the floor, movement around the floor causes items to be pushed aside (into corners) where grot aggregates.. In space there is no gravity so no grot accumulation. it stays in circulation until an air filter traps it.

as for the plug hole, all the fluids go that way taking everything with it (this is like air in space being circulated) BUT the plughole captures hairs because the hairs are 12 inches and the plugholes are 0.3 inches.. in space the air filters will get clogged by hair too, both long and short (so no difference) but they are cleaned/changed regularly.

Goggles for doing the cleaning...

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Really? That's what was bothering everyone?

No wonder the space program is in trouble. The scientists are busy trying to solve stuff like how to breath the air for months on end, how to stop your bones dissolving and how not to get radiation poisoning while you're up there instead of doing vital hairgrip research.

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