back to article Videogames give kids the munchies

Studies show that gamers who spend longer playing videogames tend to have a higher rate of obesity than more casual players. In fact, most gamers are fat and miserable. Apparently. But while an unhealthy Fifa 11 habit could be a rational explanation for a child's lack of exercise, several researchers now suggest gaming has a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    more statistic lies

    If that were true I'd be some kinda land whale by now and thats not the case. I hate these "scientists" who invent statistics to pooh pooh on someone elses parade.

  2. Maxson

    Is this obvious enough to be considered for

    Department of the bleedin' obvious?

    People get hungrier (even if only subconciously) playing games than they do when resting...great, well established, I appreciate that there's probably a serious study here somewhere, but even just doing lots of thinking and small hand movements will burn some calories, the human brain loves it some sugar, water and fat, 3 things you're probably consuming more of if you're eating more.

    An average 80 calories more is fairly miniscule really. Giving everyone spaghetti isn't a great mitre for how much tubby post gaming eating may make you as it may not be the amount, but the food that makes a difference. Spaghetti is pretty high in calories due to it's excess of carbohydrates, if they're only winkling 80 more calories out of it then the results are practically inconclusive. They should do an oreo test and a salad test too at minimum.

  3. Haku

    I'm not fat

    I'm a videogame player!

    1. Maxson

      In fairness

      It's not actually the statistics they've made up, it's just a lack of dilligence and rigor presented in a certain way. As I said above, 80 calories is balls all, even 80 calories per hour of gaming is close to balls all. If it was the other way round and the story was "Video games help annorexics gain weight" it'd not get reported. Maths and statistics don't lie, but PR guys do.

      1. Brezin Bardout

        I couldn't agree more.

        Why they keep giving money to all these researchers trying to do science and stuff I'll never know.

        They could save a fortune and find out everything they need to know just by asking on this forum.

    2. Thomas 4


      "Land whale". Now that's a phrase that's going to stick in my brain.

  4. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


    Or to spin it another way..

    "when playing videogames ... energy expenditure was also higher"

    Playing Video games burns more energy than being sat on your arse in front of the TV.

  5. MrT

    Need those new icons quick...

    Dept of the Bleeding Obvious, or the No sh*t Sherlock one...

    Read article and thought of "Windows RG" skit on WinME... go on, Google it and try the "Order food/pizza" option on the start menu.

  6. Luke McCarthy

    Does the opposite for me

    When I'm playing video games I forget to eat...

    1. thefutureboy

      Does the opposite for me too

      When I eat I forget to play video games.

      1. Thomas 4

        Does the opposite for me too

        When I play video games I forget to play video games.

  7. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    You sure they werent playing PacMan

    Since all his does is Nom on cicular objects and pieces of fruit with the occassional sheeted fiend.

  8. lyngvi
    Dead Vulture

    spin spin spin

    Seriously? The only two groups tested were video gamers and people resting?

    What about

    - Reading a novel: Sedentary, moderate mental involvement, may elevate blood pressure at exciting points

    - Watching an action movie: Sedentary, little mental strain, elevated blood pressure?

    - Coding or writing: High mental involvement, low blood pressure elevation

    You would think at least a couple of other activities would be addressed. Resting versus video games? And a delta of 80 kcal? I'm leary of whether that's even statistically significant - is that what, four bites of spaghetti?

    Either this article failed to explain the study thoroughly, or it failed to give the study the lambasting it deserved. El Reg should better than to parrot this sensationalist tripe.

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