back to article Is Quantum shopping itself around?

Quantum's full year and fourth quarter results came in pretty much as expected, but they do position the storage company for interesting possibilities and Motley Fool picked up on one of those; a NetApp acquisition of Quantum. The fourth quarter fiscal 2011 Quantum results showed revenues of $165m, up marginally on the year- …


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Better than A-SIS?

Disclaimer: I work at NetApp.

Ignoring the rest of the speculation in the article since it was an entertaining read, I noticed this:

> NetApp would gain the DXi deduplication software which is a stronger technology than its own A-SIS deduplication.

Is it really stronger? I'd be interested to hear about any proof that the DXi technology has much value in primary production workloads which is where a lot of A-SIS is being used. I would suggest that being able to deduplicate production workloads is stronger than deduplicating static backup data.


Apples and oranges?

Being able to de-dup production workloads is a different market place to static backup data. The online performance of the latter doesn't need to be as high, therefore you can hit it with far more intensive algorithms, possibly compression as well - a bit like DataDomain does - hold on, didn't NetApp try and buy them as well?

There's room in NetApp for both technologies at present - for different jobs. Maybe long term, scrap one or merge them.


NetApp Employee?

Paul, as an NTAP employee, you drink the kool-aid day in and day out. You also have a job title in which pushes the NTAP story in to the customer's head... That said, the question isn't primary deupe vs backup dedupe, and which is better.. (Which is actually pretty obvious when you compare dedupe savings between each.) But where dedupe best fits, and thats in just about every part of the network infrastructure.

It's in WAN accelerators, backup appliances, in backup applications, your own arrays, virtualization products, file systems, and more. It could even make its way into the network stack, in memory processing, and more...

Now if only you could get rid of the FAS2020/2050 as those are just plain garbage...

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I like the idea...

of Quantum Shopping.

In the box there is a product, it is, simultaneously, a bargain and not a bargain. When you open the box, the phase space resolves, and you are overcharged.

No, I didn't read the article. Yes, I'm leaving, thank you.

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well i thought

if you collapsed the quantum uncertainty, the item you bought would be delivered instantaneously.

sounds great!

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