back to article Microsoft blames old update for Xbox 360 issue

Microsoft has responded to yesterday's reports that the forthcoming firmware update could cause games to stop working, claiming the issue is related to a previous update instead. The company had acknowledged reported problems, stating a "recent update" had prevented a small number of gamers from playing retail discs. Many …


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MS commonly roll out Xbox 360 updates in small doses. rather than blast out a full firmware update all in one go. So I wouldn't be surprised if this actually is related to the new disc format, but being caused by one of the small incremental updates that MS like to release.

It seems strange that MS would need to send someone a replacement console rather than just roll out another update. Either the update has somehow irreversibly borked those few consoles or this is Microsoft's subtle way of replacing all the consoles that cannot have their drive firmware re-flashed with the new security protocols (or perhaps a specific model of DVD drive has a vulnerability that could be used to break the new security measure).

While it's a bit Big Brother, I do like how MS were able to detect people having problems over Live and pre-emptively get a new console to them. Perhaps they should look to detect RRODs, etc as well to make the repair process a bit quicker/easier?

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That makes more sense.

I couldn't for the life of my understand why a hard-nosed company like MS, having a known firmware update issue of unknown scope and unknown full economic impact, would be even contemplating rolling it out.

Finding that it's actually out of the "previous cockups we have had to react to" file ties up that little loose end. Doesn't mean that there won't be something nasty that creeps out of this update though, just that they're not being suicidally stupid in pushing it out.

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I'm still waiting to see how they cripple Skype when it appears on the XBox. Or maybe it'll be totally crippled by it's non-existence.

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"there are no known compatibility issues"

We eagerly await reports of unknown compatibility issues.

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