back to article ‘We’ll get to the bottom of this’ – HP boss

Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker has promised to ferret out those who leaked the memos telling the world the company is in tough times. The memos had warned employees to “watch every penny” and raised concerns of likely layoffs. In a somewhat contradictory mood, Apotheker told CNBC television that the memos show that the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Sure you will. Just like you're going to start acting ethically, restore training, consider cost-of-living increases and stop treating your employees like anything other than a disposable resource to be replaced ASAP by some semi-literate muppet from Mumbai.

    Let's Do Amazing!

  2. SisterClamp

    Managerial fail

    His ideas have some merit but I never thought Leo had the 'nads nor neurons to actually execute on revitalising the barren apocalyptic landscape that Hurd left behind. I can see that he's doing a splendid job with the hunting down of people who dare share the bleeding obvious though. Putz.

    And, oh yeah, what AC above said.

    A once-proud ex-HPer

    A grenade because...well, guess.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A bit of the real Leo emerging?

    Like management of all large companies, he's trying to put a positive spin on this. Internal emails shouldn't leak but maybe we should ask WHY these things are being leaked? It's because he's saying one thing publicly and another internally.

    Initial impressions of Leo were encouraging - he was making the rights sorts of noises to employees but I wonder if he's finding it all rather harder than he anticipated...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    HP + threats of job cuts = normal

    This is par for the course for HP - surprised there's any (US/UK) staff left after the 'death by a thousand [job] cuts'.

    Afterall, the collective brain-cells of management means the simplest solution (job cuts) is the one most chosen. God forbid some actual thought might go into working out how to improve efficiency by other means.

    And a pope/catholic moment as well - what? times are hard? watch every penny? Next he'll be telling us there might be something called 'a recession' on. And this was 'leaked'?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's the easiest thing to do...

    People are the most expensive part of any business and job cuts are the quickest way of cutting significant amounts of costs.

    I agree that they could/should look at other measures but that takes time and thereby hangs part of the problem - HP reports numbers and provides forecasts on a quarter by quarter basis and investors want responses on the same basis. It's very short-term-ist and doesn't allow for longer term efficiency initiatives.

    The problem with the 'pope/catholic' moment was not that we didn't already know that 'times are hard' etc but he didn't say this in the public announcement, just in an internal email.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paging Matt Bryant, paging Matt Bryant....

    Let's see him try to put a positive spin on this one.

    I can just see the death spiral starting now.........

    So long suckers.

  7. FozzyBear Silver badge

    Save every penny

    HP has been flogging that dead horse for the past 4 years. It's not like it's a fuckin' secret. You could write a book on all the restrictions that HP headquarters have placed on it's employees and the hoops they have to jump through just to get approval for the most minor expenses.

    Want to help the company reach it's financial goals Leo, How about you and the rest of the execs plus the board of directors cut your salary and get rid of your bonuses and share options. Should instantly improve the bottom line by about 50MIl if not more

    Oh that's right you’re only interested in making sure you get your bonus. couldn't give a rats arse about the company itself or the employees

    </fuckin livid rant>

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