back to article HP's Q2 beats targets, but Q3 and Q4 look tight

It is a tough day for new CEO Leo Apotheker, who had to move up Hewlett-Packard's reporting of its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2011 by 32 hours because someone leaked a memo about belt-tightening and looming layoffs that Apotheker sent to his top brass two weeks ago. HP has revised its revenue guidance …


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Still waiting for a strategy

The last time Leo spoke we saw a strategy to develop a strategy.

Now we see a company without a vision or a strategy. This reminds me of when Lou Gertsner took over IBM and said the last thing they need is a vision. But what he meant was he needed to remake the whole company...and he did. So what is Leo doing? Oracle has cut them off in the enterprise space. Their palm strategy dooms them to be left out of the tablet market. Printers and ink are facing increases competition as people realize HP charges more for black in than the cost of human blood.

We have written off HP. IBM is our preferred partner and Oracle is the partner we have to use. Oracle reminds me of CA from years ago. Maybe Larry will meet the same fate as the CA CEO.

cheers.... Allison

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