back to article Dell carves profit from slim revenue growth

Dell didn't dive as much as HP. Dell had lower sales than expected during the its first quarter of fiscal 2011, but it boasted a big profit boost, raising its expectations for revenues and earnings for the full year. HP, by contrast, is tightening its belt, while shaving $1bn to $1.5bn off of its revenue projections for the year …


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  1. Rombizio

    I might get some thumbs down for this....

    ....but I've been saying for 5 years that Dell innovates more and gives better support than HP. I am HP storage certified and I know what I am talking about. DELL helped me immensily through many years by making reliable servers, laptops and desktops. I hate their sales screw-ups but they are very good in what matters: technical support and stable server line products. I think competition is always good for business and I don't want to see HP go away, but man.....they are sucking badly lately. Their products are behind in features, break all the time and HP support is a disaster.

    I am not surprise by those numbers.

  2. TheOtherJola
    Thumb Up

    "Dell didn't dive as much as HP"

    That's because HP can't write decent, quick-installing software for any of their devices if they tried.

    Dell, on the other hand, can.

    HP's latest printer driver is probably a 6GB download from their website.

    I'd buy Dell over HP every single time.

    (for workstations and servers and storage, anyway.)

  3. Robert E A Harvey


    I agree with the existing comments: HP is going senile.

    But after the reluctant, foot-shuffling, deceitful way Dell handled their desktop Linux options I am reluctant ever to deal with them ever again. They do give the impression of being worked by strings from Redmond.

    The comparison really is of a Chrysler Neon and a Chevrolet Blazer. I want an Alfa Brera, or a VW Scirocco

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Dell carves profit from slim revenue growth"

    In other words, Dell pushes up its prices yet again.

    These days Dell are very expensive and the machines look very cheap and ugly as well.

  5. mhenriday

    «Gross margins rose by 36 per cent, to $3.43bn,

    thanks to substantially lower manufacturing and sales costs for its products.» I don't know about the sales costs, but it strikes me as rather unlikely that Dell - or other companies, for that matter, will be able to push manufacturing costs down, or indeed, keep them from rising, given the appreciatiion of the RMB Yuan against the dollar, and domestic inflation in China. Of course, if these companies can find another large country with both a good infrastructure and an educated population with poor trade union protection and willing to work for low wages they might be able to pull it off, but from what I read in the newspapers, infrastructure in the United States is in a dire state and worsening fast, while the working population has not yet been sufficiently cowed to work for nothing. On the other hand, with a rate of incarceration creeping ever closer to 1 % and 1/4 of the total of the world's inmates in prisons there (Guantánamo not counted), perhaps Dell et al could further cut costs by outsourcing to the domestic Gulag archipelago....


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