back to article Evil flash cookies easier to delete with new Adobe player

Controversial "Flash cookies" can now be deleted from within web browsers like more traditional cookies, the software company behind Flash technology has said. Adobe has released a new version of its Flash player which gives users the kind of control over its cookies to which they have become accustomed with normal web page …


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Some of us understand why bottom-paint exists ...

... which allows us to keep adobe, microsoft, apple, google, yahoo, and the like, even coming into contact with our hulls, much less sticking to them.

Hint: Eyeball Flashblock, BetterPrivacy, NoScript & Adblock Plus, just to get you started ... and it's not even illegal, unlike some of the more .... uhh ... "military grade" anti-fouling paint ;-)


Bottom-paint indeed,

yet each of those apps lays bare the soul of your PC. Fact is, Adobe and the other corps deliberately pander to the data-gatherers, providing them with the technological means to mine the data.

Second fact is the overwhelming majority of users simply do not care, which is reflected in the rush to buy the newest smart phones - in the millions - which deliver all personal data to the world of the miners - indiscriminately.

Third fact is that many of those firms which design such systems make a significant portion of revenue from government/police miners for which the firms get upwards of $50. a pop for each instance. And, there are millions of "pops" each year

If you sods would simply "take the chip", you could put an end to all this activity. You chip your pets - why not feel the relief and sense of peace that comes with the government knowing where you are, who you are and what you are - constantly and in real time?

There is even a new invisible ink that can be scanned which will not leave an obvious, telltale mark


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buried on page 12 of the site's T&C, in 6p print.


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So why does the Reg deposit a flash cookie every time I visit?

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