back to article Alcatel-Lucent bribery scandal reverberates in Australia

Alcatel-Lucent is facing a refreshed raft of trouble: a US federal judge has decided that Costa Rican telecommunication company ICE can challenge the US$137 million criminal settlement between the vendor and the US Department of Justice finalised last year. ICE received approval last week to seek victim status in the bribery …


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"I have today been advised by Alcatel-Lucent that, contrary to previous advice, Costa Rica was among the many countries and territories in North, Central and South America that were part of my wide-ranging portfolio of responsibilities in the period March 2001 to January 2003..."

So he's either a liar or incompetent - sounds like the perfect man for government job!


Let me get this straight...

"...agreed to pay the US Securities and Exchange Commission US$137 million to stop ongoing criminal investigations into the company's activities, surrounding bribery activities..."

So, they bribed the SEC to avoid the jail time!!

Hail to USofA! At least they took the money as opposed to EU which is not remotely interested in the bribes of AL :)

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