back to article Ubisoft whispers the wonder of Wii 2

French games publisher Ubisoft has expressed its excitement over Nintendo's Wii successor, suggesting the forthcoming console will be a high-powered piece of kit that developers will find easy to port to. In a call to investors, CEO Yves Guillemot said: "The platform Nintendo is coming with is really a fantastic platform. We …


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Easy to develop for....

On one hand that sounds good. Easy should mean cheap, which could mean cheap games (unlikey).

Easy also should mean that smaller studios should be able to build games for it, allowing for a bit more variety?

However, what i expect this will mean is that there will be EVEN more shovel-ware for Wii2 than there was for Wii1.


No interest

I'm not interested in whatever Nintendo do next at all.

/looks at dust-covered Wii

Until they announce it, of course, and then I'll NEED one!


Gota Love Progress

Wii.1=dodgy PS2 ports with naff controls. Wii.2=dodgy PS3 ports with naff controls.

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So can we know saftly read into this that the Wiimk2 will have full media support given that games main area is there content such as audio/textures(graphics)/video intro's cut scene stuff. Also I think we can saftly read into this that the games storage has been brought inline with last centrury. Safe bet I'd say.

Now if there also talking about Nintendo's development software being more able to alow migration of code written for other platforms and have library/API wrappers for alot of routines and worked with some of the providers of graphic library's and other engines to alow easier targetable use then that as well would not anoly make sence but prove viable.

What would be nice and actualy sell is a console that run a nice VM abstraction layer and can emulate the all the previous generations (suree be fun to get liscences but I'm sure ther is always a price and the software from that).

Either way we all know you can have the best hardware but its not until the consumer gets the selection of software they want that things take off, so the more software available the more you don;t have to worry about the hardware as much, indeed I'm sure developer would love to not even care about the hardware and be able to focus on what they want to do and not on how to do it from the hardare perspective as thats distraction from what your trying to do.

I've not done console development work but have garnered over the years that this is always a area of bain and if people have delays or issues doing the software then your console wont sell as well.

Fun part is with most new console release say sony or microsoft everybody goes it will be x times more powerful in graphics and cpu and storage but with Nintendo, you just don't know as they don't focus on those and focus on the experience. This as a consumer makes us happy as we like supprises and Nintendo do seem to do those well.

I just hope they don't overbear upon headache inducing 3D. I would rather see a hate you werar that allows you to control aspects of the console via brainwaves, that to me would be of more interest and I suspect wouldn't be far from what they could even do, not everybody can jump up and down and dance for the computer to control it, some have limited movement and they like others still would like to play games still, funny that. But as for 3D, for me it's still all hype until I read about somebody putting there head thru there screen as the 3D was that good they totaly misjudged the distance, THAT is when 3D is viable to use,sadly enough. Bit if I wanted a 3D football game I'd buy a football as the graphics and price just beat any console, ever.

So what will they release we just don't know and thats magicical excitment, all we can read into what has been said by this developer is that it will possibly have better media handerling and storage to accomodate all that media. The days of the 1k chess profram have long gone, even if the program is still only 1k in size the graphics and audio assets and cut scene's are several gigabytes in size.

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The Wii

Im no fan of the Wii but an update is LONG overdue, considering pretty much everything inside the Wii is essentially an N64 its done bloody well for its age, 15 years old! what ever you think of the Wii you have to give that some credit! i wonder if the Wii 2 and its insides last that long?

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