back to article YouView confirms Technicolor exit

Set-top box maker Technicolor has pulled out of the YouView internet TV project. Originally announced as one of the "technology partners" that would be among the first to bring YouView-compatible products to market – a date that’s slipped from this coming summer to early 2012 – Technicolor has apparently decided not to go …


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Anonymous Coward

At a guess.

Technicolor has an r&d shop in Belgium where they "develop" thomson-brand "home routers", that are frankly atrocious. They get too hot, they crash when hot, they crash under load, they can't take non-default settings as that makes them crash too, the default settings are frankly insecure and have been for years, their ADSL robustness goes down with each fancier edition, and so forth, and so on. There's probably a few more GPL violations in there, too.

How I know this? By having been forced to use at least three successive versions of their hardware (and about six different boxes, most of them dead now, in a bit over a year) due to ISP lock-in. Luckily, no more.

This doesn't say why they withdrew. But I'd guess "incompetence".


YouView Hardware?

Can someone explain why a platform that is to replace a number of existing platforms (iPlayer, 4OD, ...) that service a variety of existing hardware/software delivery platforms (PC, Mac, internet connected TV's and Blu-Ray players, games consoles, ...) needs any hardware development?

The hardware is not needed to satisfy any functional requirement as the new platform need/does not provide any addition function, it just consolidates existing functionality.

The hardware is not needed to provide a delivery platform as there are a number of platforms identified as suitable since they currently deliver the independent services and therefore can deliver the consolidated service (are capable of, not are designed to).

So why would I want to buy a YouView hardware box?

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