back to article The future of VMAX is flash and SASy

NetApp's Tom Georgens was right. You only need two storage array tiers and EMC is going that way, to a VMAX with Flash and SAS disks. VMAX was launched in 2009 and the time is getting ripe for a refresh of the technology. El Reg talked to Brian Gallager, president of EMC's Enterprise Storage Division, and the subject was VMAX …


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give it a rest

SAS is an interface not a tier. Enterprise Flash disks are usually based on SAS anyway with a handful on FCAL

You can have different tiers of disk with the same interface, larger slower ones that are cheaper than smaller faster ones.

Tieiring is only as effective as the mechanism that moves it and EMC have yet to prove that FAST actually is fast. It certainly isn't easy to use which defeats the purpose of using a technology that is meant to be all-encompassing.

Maintaining the suitable ratio of flash to required non-flash capacity is also not cheap nor practical (yet). Much like EMC's cache to disk ratio - they are happy to charge you a truckload for it but the benefits are limited.

I look forward to an EMC SPC result on VMAX. It is impossible to hide the complexity it takes (and cost) to produce a big number. I am sure they will achieve a reasonable number, just the cost/IOP and commands per usable TB of SPC testing will be massive - and that is something they don't want the world to see.

Try write about things you understand, more fact, less "guesswork". If readers wanted guesswork they'd go to a psychic!

Also, yet another netapp reference, so at least its consistent. Thanks for taking the time to vacate Netapp's back passage to attend and EMC jolly..


post inline correction

Data Domain is inline - NOT post process...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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