back to article Fags flash butts in nightclubs

Wireless networking is everywhere these days, from laptops and phones to games consoles and cameras, but perhaps the trend is now getting out of hand. Because eCigarette manufacturer Blu, has made a tab that lets users know when other eSmokers are nearby. As eCiggies only release an odourless water vapour, they can be smoked …


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I can see a benefit

well maybe.

These are for people trying to quit the real stuff, right? By pointing users to each other - could form sort of a dynamic on-the-spot support group. Could swap tips and what-not on quitting, what helps, etc.

Now, if it just helps to segregate people because of a "wow factor" - well that's useful too - as the rest of the world didn't want to mingle with those people in the first place ;)

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They are for people who have quit the "real" stuff

After smoking for 15 years it took me just a couple of weeks with one of these (different brand, same idea) to decide that the "real" ones tasted bad. TBH I was probably close to quitting anyway, but these made it much, much easier. And I didn't even use the ones containing nicotine, just the flavoured vapour. Now I puff on one of these every once in a while, but not every day.

I'm not sure I see the purpose of the proximity sensor thingy, other than "Hey, cool, you use one too!" and a bit of a conversation starter.

Do people actually use these in non-smoking venues? I got the feeling that it looks enough like smoking that staff and other patrons might kick up a fuss.

And one last thing, el-reg, whether they actually release any nicotine or not, they seem to help a lot of people get off the fags so are to be encouraged IMHO. Of course the government will get around to banning them sooner or later.

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Packs of five?

If the point of these things is that they alert you to other people who already have their own, then why would you need more than one?

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I can already see the situation where someone carries around an empty one of these waiting for it to vibrate and identify another user which they can bum one off!

Also can see the funny scenario of asking a person smoking one of these for a lighter, and the fights that will erupt when "the lying bastard refused to lend me his lighter, there he is smoking on his own so he must have a light! Lets get him!"



Can you get them with other chemicals besides nicotine?



If you can't pull them apart and sprinkle the contents over RiZal origami - what's the point of them?


There's an app for that

> Still, if you're the type who enjoys something going off in your pocket whenever you near another fag

For our American friends .. fag is slang for cigarette. The double entendre may be deliberate but not all our cross-the-pond friends will be aware of the 'english' meaning.

The request "Can I bum a fag off you, I've run out?" always caused confusion. Same as the suggestion to "frig a piece of equipment" to temporarily fix a fault.

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