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Virtualisation is all the rage in data centres, but sometimes, you need to" realise" a server. Some companies with modest computing requirements will pay a premium for dedicated server hosting, rather than virtual server slices. Hosting companies can't rent a standard two-socket Xeon or Opteron server to a customer for €15 per …


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They can if they want too

The data center down the road from here offers two pricing methods. You can rent a dedicated server as one of them though they do recommend the virtual slice as the primary offering.

It is out there, you just have to ask / look for it.


The problem for those server consumers....

Main problem for the server consumers (people renting servers from providers) is that costs don't come down. Thats just a fairy tale.

Just to give an example if a dedicated QuadCore server with 8GB of memory costs £70 a month. The company would then get these so called micro servers and still charge the same amount for the same amount of power. So the quadcore slim micro server is still going to be £70 a month.

In the real world prices don't go down, just profits go up.

Sometimes virtuals servers just don't cut it. No point buying a 400 zillion core virtual server only to have the smallest of time shares when trying to access the CPU. Probably more efficient to have a virtual server with a dedicated core or two and 100% time share on those assigned cores.

Would be nice if at least some of the micro server cost saving got passed down to the people that actually rent them.

icon? because private or public companies don't care about customers these days, just the amount they can fleece you for.


re: The problem for those server consumer

Yes...but you forget that you're not just paying for the virtual or physical server....there's power, chillers, connectivity, storage, the data centre floorspace that costs money.

Add to that the costs of support staff, vendor support contracts etc etc etc.

£70 quid a month for an 8GB Quadcore box is pretty good value for money when you consider these often forgotten costs.

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Yes and no.

Yes, I want ickle servers, but no 'cos I also want the integrated switches and centralised chassis management. I also want at least the ability to go out via dual-links to an external mass storage device, and not via NAS or "converged Ethernet", thanks. Until then, why bother, just use software virtualisation on the current blades.

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