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IBM is announcing a raft of tape-related products, including a new tape format and better robotics for its high-end tape library. It is positioning tape as an integrated archival tier of data storage. The new TS1140 drive and format holds 4TB of native data per cartridge – 20 per cent less than the Oracle T10000c 5TB – but …


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Uncompressed transfer rate is 'just' 250Mbps

It looks like IBM's assumed compression ratio is 2.6:1. The spec sheets on the IBM site describe the 'native sustained data rate (uncompressed)' as 250Mbps, putting it only slightly ahead of the T10000c. (source:

It's still an impressive looking bit of kit though!


Fair Comparisons

If you are going to quote compressed data rates for comparisons between vendors, you could at least do the same calculations for data rate.

Also, if you are going to tout that one vendor has finally converted to 32 channels, at least mention that other vendors have already been doing 32 channels for several years - this isn't industry leading, but following.

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