back to article Taxpayers were beta testers for ATO IT project

A report by Australia’s Inspector-general of Taxation (IGT) has found that the Australian Tax Office extended testing into production for an IT systems upgrade which went live last year. The result was wave after wave of delays and errors during 2010, resulting in slow processing of individuals’ and companies’ tax returns, the …


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My wife runs her own accounting practice. Due to he handling by the Tax Office she was unable to make any lodgements for at least two MONTHS. She days on the phone being shunted from one area an back again. To make matters worse the first incident that lasted about 6 weeks she was in the bin of her accreditation being stripped, you have to do something specially bad for that, so no one wanted to tell her anything.

By the time she finally got to talk to someone who could edit the database (weeks into the incident) she was a mess. She was in tears, the person on the other end was really good, told her exactly what was going on and when it would be sorted, and that everyone she had spoken to had been crying, that day.

Lost a fair bit of business out of it all. There is a compensation process for when through faulty administration the government costs you money :-) YA! I wonder how the claim is going...

They wont cover you for the anguish of being treated as a criminal whilst your bussiness is being strangled, that was not fun!

Its been good for a while now though :-)


Total Bastards!

This explains the total F**kup that happened with mine and the wife's Tax return. Absolutely classic tax department. You are guilty until you can prove that you are innocent!

They stuffed up our health insurance and kept insisting that we had a term deposit that we didn't. I would not have minded if we actually did because it was worth a bit!

I would be interested to see if anything like a class action happens....

Big Brother

Tax Office Scum Bags

Okay my issue is with UK Tax Office but (I am now in Oz so sort of counts).

Got fined for not sending them an 'additional' return to do with some partnership had left long long ago. When I complained, they eventually rescinded but the letter I received wasn't an 'oops sorry' it was more along the lines of 'okay we'll let you off this time but don't send it in late again'. Send what in late, a return I didn't need to send in the first place. Agghhhh!

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