back to article Websites should notify European users about privacy breaches

Europe-wide laws which require telecommunications companies to notify users if their data is at risk should be extended, the European justice commissioner has said. Privacy rules created under the EU's Electronic Communications Framework should be extended to cover online banking, video games, shopping and social media, …


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"Any company operating in the EU market or in any online product that is targeted at EU consumers should comply with EU rules."

But, I thought that US law etc. extend to anywhere in the world, regardless whatever else anyone else is thinking?



The ICO will continue to do f*ck all regardless of what's in the regulations.

Anonymous Coward

Dear Valued Customer[tm]

We just lost all your data. So sorry. We don't know what happened to it. Maybe the dog ate it. Maybe it got sold on the black market. Last time we checked your records with us were worth $2 to the marketeering outfit down the hall, but that was without your credit card information. None of our employees own dogs or cats, though the office intern owns a bowl with two goldfish.

We trust to have sufficiently scared you with this disclosure required of us under European privacy laws. At least we complied with that, eh. Sorry again for making a booboo of caring for all that HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. Do come again. We value your custom, we truly do. Honest.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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