back to article US adds jobs, but unemployment rate jumps in April

With the US economy recovering, people are piling back into the job market, as expected, and that is causing the unemployment rate to rise even as the economy added 244,000 net new jobs in April. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the part of the US Department of Labor that surveys households and businesses to take the workforce …


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Black Helicopters

Unemployment# is a farce!

This scenario actually proves the fact! The Economic definition of unemployment is the total amount of humans in the economy who do not have a job, but would willingly work. This would include those who have become despondent of finding anything any-more, those willing to go onto social grant systems, those relying on others to "help them through a bad time", those feeling the available work is beneath them, etc.

The government's wool-over-eyes ploy of only counting those who are still actively searching for non-existent jobs falls far short of the true figure. Similar to the infamous CPI and GDP skewed calculations, this "definition" is purely designed to obfuscate the true figure to allow for a more "positive" lookout in order to fool more votes into the government's inherent dictatorship.

Now when the economy finally takes a breath, those who have "removed themselves from the job market" (as the government would have you believe) show that they haven't simply disappeared. They "suddenly" count again! So as people start noticing more wanted ads in the paper, they feel more inclined to start searching again. It doesn't mean they changed their mind about now wanting to work again, it just means they now think there's more chance of finding something worth-while. I.e. having something which would put them in better stead than living off relatives / friends / social grants or just scavenging in the street.

A much closer, and much simpler measurement would have been for the government simply to count those on social grants (which figures they already have). There are much better (read more accurate) methods which are no more difficult to calculate than the current stupidly strenuous method ... see:

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