back to article Sony continues slog from pit of shame

It is now day 15 of The Great Sony Cock-Up of 2011™, and the Japanese giant finally has some good news. No, not that their PSN and PC gaming networks are up and running again, but that they should be soon. "Today our global network and security teams at Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment began the final …


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"when you begin using the services again" after the biggest data breach in history, you must be kidding

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This is taking ages

Been continuing SP campaigns on my to do list.

The question is.

Uncharted 2 MP - will I ever get out of the 60s


Killzone 3 MP - levelling up the classes quite well - Move & Navigation charge up

friends on both

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Sony cock ups

Can we get a breakdown of the other yearly cockups by sony? I can only remember two:

- Rootkitting (man, that was a classic)

- Removal of other OS feature in PS3

Gotta more...lots more...

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Sound like it's worse than they admit to

Doesn't seem like a simple 'Anonymous came and stole some stuff', it sounds like they are in deep shit.

What they will never tell us is what is going on but now they have accused Anonymous we might get some info later on if Anon get narked about being falsely fingered.


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I hate patching.

On the other hand, I really hate (since 1989) being hacked. So one of the reminders in my calendar is to patch the systems that require manual attention, and to check the logs of the rest. This means that most of the time I don't have to think about it, but when it is scheduled, it gets done.

That being said, I do pay attention and if required, I'll patch what needs patching off schedule, but I don't spend 10 hours/day every day searching for patches to apply.


Sadly many networks, perhaps the majority of them, have...

...have some degree of this kind of thing. It's rare to find a network or organization of any significant size that is so disciplined with it's patching that there are no servers with unpatched vulnerabilities on them. And no, before some smart arse says it, Sony is not some kind of exception to that, and they really were not/are not out of the ordinary. right now there are hundreds of CIOs and thousands of network managers and architects praying that no one looks in their general direction because they know damned well that they would be hacked just as deeply as Sony have been if someone noticed them.

It's very much time though, that not just companies like Sony give this kind of thing the intense focus and attention it deserves. No, it's time that Governments, law enforcement and society in general started looking at the fact that in an economy that is dependent on information systems and the Internet to continue doing business, there is a duty of care on companies to ensure their systems are fully patched - yes, but at the same time there is also a desperate need for laws and regulations designed to foster a greater focus on data security and on creating an environment where cyber crimes are more easily detected, prevented, traced and solved. At the moment, a well executed attack may never yield a perpetrator to the authorities, if that situation continues, than the usefulness of this digital economy and our dependence on it presents a danger to our continued economic well-being.

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