back to article Red Hat: Cloud will anoint next Microsoft

It is not enough in this world to be for something. You also have to be against something. And if one message was delivered by Red Hat's top brass at its eponymous Summit in Boston this week, it's that the company is for open source and openness and that it's absolutely against Microsoft and VMware. Those of you who are Red …


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Cloud, n.

A marketing term that is generally useless, other than pointing out that the speaker is a marketard who has no idea how networking works.

Dead Vulture

Artificial horizon, anyone?

As an aviator I can tell you one definite fact about clouds: When you're inside one, you can't see where you're going.

Furthermore, unless you are skilled at that kind of flying, encounters with unexpected hard bits of cloud are distinctly possible.

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As a user of Red Hat clouds

I say bring it on! I love cloud computing. I clocked up 257 hours of CPU walltime last night, distributed all over the world. Going to be submitting a bigger job for the weekend.

Red hat all the way. At some point in the future we may swap to another Linux, but not for years to come. Microsoft cloud solutions are seen as a bad joke.


Cloud idots

Why all this talk about clouds. I want sunshine and long lazy days on the beach.

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