back to article iOS lauded as top moneymaker

The iPad and iPhone are the most valuable and profitable devices available for your software-development business – at least according to Evernote CEO Phil Libin. Presenting a wealth of figures about his company's sales, users, and upgrade rates at The Founder Conference in Silicon Valley, Libin revealed that Apple's iOS …


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"And web users are the least profitable on all levels."

I find that hard to believe, as it would imply that Web users assume they can just get premium content and applications without paying for them.


Programmer incomes VS Company incomes per programmer

"iOS led the field with $628,515 per developer year"

"Android came next with $420,290"

"RIM's Blackberry sat at the bottom with $142,664"

So I hope the programmers are sharing in their bosses riches. Its good to know how much the bosses are earning from each programmer.

Especially as good sales people can get as much as 30% of deals they bring into companies!. So these programmers should be on a minimum of 10% bonus. But programmers are not even allowed to think like that, bosses won't hear of it.

But really this news shows its time to increase the programmer wages, if the bosses want these incomes to continue.

Which really highlights how cheaply bosses are getting programmers currently, because bonuses are no where near sales people, yet these company income figures are comparable to many sales peoples yearly company incomes.

Sure there are high profile high flier sale people earning companies millions, but then theres also comparable high profile high flier sale programmers who are also earning their companies millions. But the point is most sales people 'only' earn hundreds of thousands per year, yet far more sales people are on far better wage deals from their bosses than programmers.

But then sales people are far better at negotiating with bosses and won't take so much shit from their bosses, before walking out and going into another high paid job.

So this news really highlights what kind of bad deal programmers are really getting. Time for programmers to get much better at negotiating. Knowledge is power and its very good to know what programmers are worth to their bosses.


Wow 3 votes down for saying programmers need to be paid more.

I can't workout if the votes down are from programmers who fail to see they need to be paid more?, or does the reg have a lot of bosses visiting it, who don't want programmers asking for more money?. Or is this people who are not programmers, but work with them, who don't want programmers to be paid more than them?

Whatever it is, the bosses would love this kind of behaviour to keep wages down. Well so much for programmers writing software which earns their bosses hundreds of thousands per programmer *as this news article shows*.


A little trouble at math

Guess math isn't a strong point for their CEO, since Moore's law dictates a time period of 18 months, not one year.

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Not sure about their CEO's maths skills, but going by your comment maybe reading is not your strong point.


"The complexity for minimum component costs has increased at a rate of roughly a factor of two per year". He later rephrased this as being every two years (not 18 months) but it was never put into writing that I know of.



I wonder how he computed hit number of programmer hours on each platform.

For example did he use the programmer hours used on the product for all platforms? That wouldn't be right as UI APIs might make some platform use more developer-hours then another.

Maybe they track the number of developer-hours each project uses, but that would lead to the platform in which some common elements are developed being penalized, as it would be counted agains those platforms, rather then being equally spaced amongst the platforms.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea... Lies, damned lies, and statistics.


Maybe it's becuse the iOS clients are much better

Shock, horror... the platforms that have the best clients make the most money? Who would have thought it?

Website - no wonder this had the worst uptake. It was truly awful. It looks like they might have realized this though, as the new website is much better. Is it a coincidence that it now looks and acts more like the iOS evernote client?

Windows - Until recently, the windows application was terrible. Evernote blamed it on .NET being slow and buggy (although other companies manage to write great .NET programs). They re-wrote it in C++ and at least it's now usable.

WP7 - Still waiting for it. But good news, Evernote have ONE developer working on it, so I'm sure it'll be ready in no time!

Android / Mac - Haven't used, so can't comment.

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