back to article Oracle U-turns on Hudson open source control

Oracle is relinquishing control of the Hudson project after a heavy-handed attempt to stay in charge prompted most community members to fork themselves and undermine the project's viability. The database giant said on Tuesday that it had submitted a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation to create a Hudson project and that it …


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Oracle is a little like North Korea.

Seems to explode things to get attention.

Ellison is very much like the lonely leader himself.


Too late: Jenkins is the future

We upgraded to Jenkins last week -it's way better. Not just the Chuck Norris plugin, the app is live, it has the community, including the key designers. And you get better community support.

Sonatype may be backing Oracle's move, but they are only offering paid support for their Maven plugin, so if you have the misfortune to need Maven in some of you builds and the Hudson plugin doesn't work, it's time to reach for your wallet.

Jenkins doesn't need Oracle, and whatever happens to Hudson is now unimportant. A year from now we'll be saying "Whatever happened to Hudson"

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licensing issues

KK says that Oracle don't have the right to donate his six months worth of post-oracle code to Eclipse, because that would require a change in the code license to the Eclipse Public License.

If true, that will make things harder for Oracle.



Fuck Oracle, everything they touch turns to shit. Thank goodness we've got strong communities like the Jenkins and LibreOffice projects who stand up and give Ellison the finger.


In Oracle's favour,

the names of the original projects are significantly better than the forks.

I mean, "LibreOffice"?


What's in a name

I had the director of one of my clients refuse the change (so far) because she thought the name LibreOffice sounded awful. If OpenOffice dies then it may be another story, but for now she feels that it easier to convince the general public (this is a public facing institution) that the replacement for Micrsoft is Open not Libre.


Open/LibreOffice, Take 2

This development seems much like a retread of what's happened with OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice so far: Larry gets heavy, the community forks taking everything but the name, gains momentum rapidly, then Larry panics and sticks the original out on the porch.

The OpenOffice U-turn happened weeks ago, and we've heard sod all to suggest any reunification is likely (please correct me if you know better, I'm not widely read). The forkers seem quite happy with the new position they've arrived at, and probably aren't ready to believe that Larry's shenanigans are at an end yet.

I'd be happy enough to see OOo/LibO reunify (make life a lot easier from the advocacy point of view), but only on the Document Foundation's terms, not Larry's. LibO is already benefiting from its escape from corporate heavy-handedness in the development process, and I'd hate to see them backslide on that.

Although I haven't used and know little about Hudson/Jenkins, I hope the same for them too.


OO largely kept alive by delays in the Linux distro update pipeline

I think we're past the tipping point where OpenOffice has any value as a brand.

A large number of users have OO only because that's what their Linux distro bundled, with Ubuntu switching to Libre only last week a huge chunk of OO's market share just vanished.

It's a dying brand, let it go before the corpse starts smelling.

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