back to article Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition lobby

Google has become the only browser marker to explicitly join lobbyists opposing a proposed law giving consumers the legal right to keep companies from tracking them online. The giant has put its name to an alarmist letter signed by 30 other organizations, trade groups and individual companies, objecting to the passage of a Do- …


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  1. NoneSuch

    Now you see...

    ...what they should do is say you can sell someones personal info, but that person gets 50% of the take.

    Then it becomes a whole other ball game.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      so now you know anyone signing that later is ripping you off

      "SB 761 an act of blatant discrimination"

      so now you know anyone signing that later is stealing money from your data property , making illegal derivative works and basically openly committing commercial piracy and illegal profiteering from YOUR data streams, perhaps they should be punished for this piracy and forced to pay per download as per other prior US piracy cases.

      what do you mean NoneSuch, only get 50% of the take.

      it's your valuable data and all your 100% profit You care to set as the going rate or otherwise greater, plus any conditions you might wish to set for the contract.

      such as , daily compound interest for each 24 hours passed without payment in cash rounded to the nearest $,£,yen,etc and in person by the executive board chair person at your door at 4pm every friday. :D

    2. Brezin Bardout


      I doubt anyone's data is going to be worth very much on its own. A few pence or a few pounds maybe? I seriously doubt the loss of privacy would make it anywhere near to being worth it.

      Of course, when you're a big company like Google, who'll be selling it in the millions, then its valuable indeed. Especially with the likes of Facebook doing such a good job of convincing so many people their information has so little value it doesn't matter what they do with it or who has access to it.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    who would have thought?

  3. Pat 11

    Move along please

    Nothing evil to see here

  4. Gannon (J.) Dick

    Sic Semper IP Lawyers

    "No doubt, the Do-Not-Track law would also demand that web retailers all wear blue pants backwards and sing I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy if the AG's office decided they should. "

    My Chrystal Ball is indicating a coming Patent Armageddon between the IP claimants to "blue", "backward" and "sing"*.

    * quite aside from the lawsuit the author deserves for the slander of Christina Aguilera's performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. A reference to the verb "to sing" followed by a reference to a song! Seriously, could you be any more obvious.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What a surprise

    No different to the oil companies lobbying against anti pollution laws or the tobacco industry lobbying against health warnings. Anything to fuck consumers over in the name of profit

  6. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    This could get funny in Europe..

    The opt-out model is actually explicitly ruled out in the EU privacy laws - US law or not, in the EU they will have to comply..

    1. Gannon (J.) Dick

      Right, Fred.

      It will get funny in the US too.

      It boils down to explaining to smart Americans how dumb Europeans are, and explaining to dumb Americans that smart Europeans aren't actually so. Doesn't work very well when smart Americans talk to dumb Americans, but they have managed to pull it off before.

  7. jake Silver badge

    I've already opted out of google.

    It's not all that difficult to avoid ... and ask yourself what they provide that you can't get elsewhere for the same price and learning curve, but without the invasion of privacy.

    Marketers are the new "most hated" so-called professionals. If they all died tomorrow, I'd party all weekend.

  8. Tom 35 Silver badge

    "opt-in" is not viable

    No kidding. Who is going to opt-in to be tracked and pillaged?

    The only way their model works is to track everyone while pretending to offer some opt-out system that...

    a. doesn't work.

    b. is stored in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory behind a door that said "Beware of the tiger"

    c. if you figure out how to opt-out, will opt you in again the first time you miss a hidden check box

    1. The First Dave

      @Tom 35

      I think you meant to say "Beware of the Leopard", and you also forgot the broken light bulb, and broken stairs.

    2. Col

      Not so easy

      Grab (almost said "Google" there) the Google Alarm addon for Firefox and see how easy it really is to avoid Google. You don't have to use their services, but as long as everyone else does you're not going to slip below their radar without entirely blocking their IP addresses.

      1. jake Silver badge


        ipfw on the routers takes care of it for me. google's ip traffic is not welcome here.

  9. trdsfdsfd uyuy

    And today's "No Shit, Sherlock!" award goes to...

    Duh. What do Google make their money from?

  10. mhenriday

    Another bad move

    on the part of the Google legal eagles....


  11. JaitcH

    Better for Google to help shape "self regulating policy" than simply have it put down it's throat

    Google most likely perceives what the ultimate regime will be demanded by the politicians and has wisely decided to participate so it can make it's views known, if not accepted.

    The most important thing on the tracking agenda is mobile tracking of any kind without informed user consent.

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