back to article There is no big Silicon Valley tech bubble, says VC king

Forget what you may have heard: there is no massive tech bubble in Silicon Valley. Instead there are hundreds of little bubbles, and they're set to begin popping at the end of this year. That's according to investor and "co-maintainer" of the bubble-blowing AngelList, Naval Ravikant. Speaking at The Founder Conference in …


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Hundreds of tiny bubbles

"No big Silicon Valley tech bubble, ... Just hundreds of small ones ..."

Sounds like foam to me.

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Interesting POV

I'd suggest core skills like understanding the difference between a profit and a cash flow which I presume are taught at MBA remain quite useful.

The potential downside of his view is that with no big investments needed you get none of the big capital intensive wins like Amazon.

Just a thought. I don't get paid to have them.

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