back to article Logica ups revs and orders

Logica had a decent first quarter and grew revenues by 5 per cent to £978m, compared to £932m last year. The reseller said orders were up 29 per cent to £1,4m. Logica's consulting and professional services division stayed steady after nine quarters of falling revenues. Outsourcing was up 13 per cent and commercial sectors up …


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Logica improvements????

Bet they don't give their employees decent pay rises, though.

And, no doubt, they still put their employees through the ridiculous self-flagellation process whereby. after documenting performance (how???), their so-called "staff manager" who usually has no idea of their capability argues for a share of the meagre "pot" against other employees who he equally does not know.

I only got decent pay rises before working for and after leaving Logica - 'nuff said!!!

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