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The streets of Lewisham, and beyond, are a whole lot cleaner thanks to the quick thinking of Nigel Tyrell, who’s head of Environment for Lewisham. Back in 2004 the council had the idea of giving residents the ability to post images from a mobile device onto a website – so it knew where the problems were and could respond …


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The King has got no clothes on!

"I'm only cheese"!


Good solution for this class of application

For an application where:

a) There is no personal data involved, and

b) A loss of data would be a nuisance but not disastrous, and

c) Where there are no performance constraints beyond "good enough"

this is an ideal solution. Indeed, it delivers on pretty much every promise of "the cloud" - and the three week time to market for new customers underlines the point.

The challenge is coming up with solutions where one of (a), (b) or (c) is not the case.

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