back to article Mozilla answers Google's Crankshaft with IonMonkey

Mozilla is developing a new JIT compiler for SpiderMonkey – the Firefox JavaScript engine – aiming to provide a new set of JavaScript optimizations. Known as IonMonkey, this will be SpiderMonkey's third JIT, but Mozilla hopes to consolidate all its optimization work on the new platform. "Our goal is to implement a new compiler …


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SpiderMonkey, TraceMonkey, JaegerMonkey, IonMonkey?

What the everliving fuck are these people ON? I realize that developers like to give things codenames early on, but seriously, how the fuck am I supposed to know what this shit does? To the outsider, it's utterly impenetrable. Worse than 'regular' jargon.


Well, it's simple.

Once they have enough monkeys, they start buying typewriters. Soon the results will be torturing English Lit students up and down the country.


Supagorgonizer build?

Wonder if they know iron monkey was a band with song title like Supagorgonizer and Web of Piss

Thinking about it could lead to some fun googles...

Disclosure : Typed wearing an iron monkey t shirt

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