back to article Online PVR goes live in Australia – an online PVR service – has exited its “invitation-only” beta phase and launched services to the public. The "personal cloud storage for TV shows" records programmes from Australia’s free-to-air TV channels for replay over the internet. At the moment, the service only supports PC-based browsers, but its home …


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If there is any sense, this should become the norm for television viewing.

- Why should I arrange my life around a TV schedule predicated on single sequential channels?

- Unlike home brew torrents arriving from overseas, advertising is more likely to be retained and seen.

- Better targeting and stats for the ads that are seen as compared to broadcasting to a guesstimated audiences of unknown engagement.

- How many people are already making multiple copies of the same shows with their own PVRs anyway?

Done right, this can rely on laziness and make it easier to pay a few bucks for a subscription and be subject to some adverts than mucking around with torrents. Everyone wins except perhaps the broadcasters. It's a pity we've just sunk a bomb into digital broadcasting.


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