back to article China gently chides Baidu over deep-linking MP3 naughtiness

China's most popular search engine has had its wrist slapped by Beijing officials for allegedly providing illegal music downloads via its MP3 service. According to a report on Xinhua, which is China's state-run news agency, 14 websites will be "punished", after ignoring repeated warnings to remove links to files that the …


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no happy endings

This is like many happy endings since everything and everyone is considered state property the PRC is punishing the PRC.

Anonymous Coward

Well, if they do it again

They may be executed. You never know.

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Black Helicopters

"...remove links to files that the Chinese government said should be taken offline."

There's a bit of a leap from there to "illegal downloads" as we understand the term.

They may just be having a go over the evil, seditious crap (e.g. some of the things carefully crossed out of Bob Dylan's playlist by the censors over there recently) that's found its way to the attention of the lumpen proletariat, courtesy of careless search engines.

That was my first thought when I saw: "We are aware that songs require approval....." anyway.

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