back to article Cyberwarriors on the Eastern Front: In the line of fire packet floods

Estonian government ministers and officials deep in a crisis meeting about riots on the street in April 2007 were nonplussed when a press officer interrupted them to say that he was unable to post a press release. The initial reaction was "why are you bothering us with this" Lauri Almann, permanent undersecretary at the …


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and they let him live?

re: "One wave of attacks, for example, took out an adult entertainment (porn) website instead of an Estonian state security site."

Just in case they pull this stunt again, I have a machine with two weeks worth of browser cache that is powered off.

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Hollywood stunt?

A Hollywood stunt like flying an airplane into a building? If Hollywood thinks it is interesting, so do other people.

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Redundant connections needed

The best cyberwar defence is not trying to rely on the internet for everything. Critical systems must have alternatives, physically separate networks with possibly different protocols... eg the POTS phone network, TETRA, .... This is going against the trend (where everything, telephony and TV included, is going to the internet), and is expensive, but the alternative is even more so.



There in an interesting cable about this on wikileaks.

I was engaged in building a corpus from an Estonian newspaper at the time and this also went down.

Loved the bit

"Although Estonia's CERT has only two full time staff"

As a total aside I do remember the actual Soviet War Memorial which kicked this off and always though of all those I had seen it was the most restrained and thoughtful.

(Yes I do tend to travel around former Warsaw Pact countries)

Not triumpant at all.



I'm sorry but there is something about the word "cyberwarrior" that sticks in my craw! It's similar to the word "re-imaging" or tossers in suits shouting "ciao" at each other in trendy bars.

Online security expert, network security specialist, even IT network professional, but "cyberwarrior" just smacks of inflated sense of self-worth.

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