back to article Ubuntu Server 11.04: Fully baked in 7 days

If you have nothing better to do next Thursday after stuffing yourself full of Easter lamb or ham on Sunday, you might want to wander over to Canonical, get a slice of "Natty Narwhal", and chew on a bit of Ubuntu Server 11.04. The Natty Narwhal release is based on the Linux 2.6.38 kernel, which came out in mid-March with lots …


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Beta is buggy buggy buggy

Tried the beta2 yesterday from canonical in live mode and it locked up the entire system, resulting in a need to resort to the reset switch, first time I've had that issue with any version of Ubuntu.

Also unity's layout makes no sense to me, whatsoever....everything useful like system settings, disk management is buried away somewhere.......If I wanted a mac, I would have bought one tbh

I like the configurability of linux, rather than the condescending constant hand holding of other platforms.


Re: Beta is buggy buggy buggy

WTF are you doing running unity on a server??

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