back to article Royal wedding scareware scams arise as Big Day looms

Spyware scammers have unsurprisingly latched onto the upcoming royal wedding as a theme for rogue anti-virus scams. Royalists searching for terms related to the upcoming nuptials (e.g., "Middleton wedding dress idea") are likely to find links to scareware portals among the top results. Surfers who visit these portals will be …


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A massive self-serving revenue-generating scam...

....and some people are writing malware to take advantage of it.

Anonymous Coward

that's not a scam....

Keeping an extended family of unremarkable rich people in castles as mascots; paying for their weddings, security and foreign jaunts; with "made" politicians (keen on expressing a supposed desire for fairness and meritocracy), in attendance to enjoy the cake.

Now *that's* a scam.


A bit like the Beckhams..

..or the Roonies, the Coles, the Lampards etc.

They earn obscene amounts for running around, occasionally kicking an inflated sphere for a couple of hours.

Then more money from the "stories" of marital infidelity / drunkeness / violence / drug taking that are sold to the idiotic press.

Then even more from muppets that have to buy the latest piece of crap "sportswear" or designer clothing / perfume / other tat endorsed by these five minute wonders.

Now that IS a scam

Silver badge

Just not British!

Just like all the shite on sale that's made in China - be patriotic, fly the flag, buy the t-shirt and the mug - you mugs.

It ain't just the web where there are several born every minute.


You missed...

....and they each have several online identities to be stolen from!

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