back to article .uk election called off due to lack of interest

After years of controversial and often fiercely contested leadership elections, .uk domain name overseer Nominet has cancelled its forthcoming directorship poll after only two people applied. Two non-executive seats on the Nominet board of directors were up for re-election this year but, due to the poor turnout, both …


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Nominet - was that the Internet organization that used to be great !

How can no-one seeking the post of director be a good thing. The reason no-one has applied is that everyone has lost faith in the organisation. It is a national joke, and now with the recent OBE award to their CEO (equivalent to a sticker you get at the dentist) it shows how out of touch this operation is. For their CEO to be off with stress because of the whole affair and then consequently awarded an OBE for service to industry is far from what a true leader encompasses. Any one who knows anything about anything knows that an OBE is there to keep people in their place and to ensure that they continue to pander to the needs of government when they clap their hands.

Once ICANN agrees to the flow on new domain types, Nominet will fade into oblivion and will take with it the hard work that some, including myself invested in making the Internet happen in this country and that ecompasses Nominet.


hear, hear!

Let's all give a round of applause for the hard work of ACs the world over in making the internet happen in the country!

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