back to article Mother of all Win 7 rollouts: Microsoft eats own dog food

Globally, 190,000 Microsoft users received an OS upgrade recently from Microsoft Vista to Windows 7. It was a large and complex roll-out - but it certainly wasn't the logistical nightmare you might imagine, nor was it a heavily locked down, centrally managed operation. This is the story of how it happened for Microsoft's users …


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"Almost everybody runs as admin"

- It has something to do with "changing the screensaver is not allowed" if you are not admin.

- The licensed part excludes Openoffice since it isn't properly "licensed".

- You can't defrag your own hard drives or enforce a Windows Update when you are expecting it to reboot, instead of rebooting all by itself while all your files are being edited, for Bill's sake.

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Wow, that's quite a decline!

"Microsoft's users here in the UK - some 2,000 people"

And to think, last time I looked, Microsoft had many millions of users here in the UK!


So, a bunch of techies are good at using their computers....

Why should it be surprising that Microsoft's workers can perform the spectacularly simple task of installing an O/S?

What I found surprising was that there were still people having to revert to their helpdesk!

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'cause everyone who works for Microsoft is a Techie? just like everyone who works for Ford can fix their own car.....

Just because you work for a company, doesn't mean you can do what their primary business is.

Especially true of a company the size of Microsoft.

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Microsoft's own users

Even if they did have problems, would you expect them to complain? - Not unless they wanted the "Wrath of Balmer" upon their heads.

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