back to article Hardware boom boosts IBM in Q1

A bullish hardware upgrade cycle coming out of the Great Recession in the Western economies and continuing booms in several dozen growth markets around the globe helped IBM boost its revenues in the first quarter of 2011 by 7.7 per cent, to $24.6bn. An ever-weakening US dollar didn't hurt Big Blue's books, either, since a …


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Big contrast

oh look.

'UK PC sales during the first quarter of the year were down 7.7 per cent, well below the European average of 2.9 per cent."

Looks like IBM is doing even betterer than the article suggests. Or is this another manifestation of Obama's 'spend yer way to affluence' policy?


NOT talking about PCs

IBM don't make PCs any more. The article is talking about Server hardware. Utterly different.

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