back to article HP quietly revamps ProLiant SL hyperscale servers

Dell makes a lot of noise about its bespoke servers cobbled together by its Data Center Solutions unit, and this gets under Hewlett-Packard's skin a bit considering that it is the largest shipper of servers in the world and it has its own quasi-custom, dense, energy-efficient servers aimed at hyperscale customers, too. So you …


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Value add?

Why not cut out the middleman and get exactly the same info direct from HP in a variety of rather prettier formats?

Start at (obviously!)

There you can also find what HP call a datasheet (what others might call an 8page features+benefits brochure).

And if you're interested in configuration options and the like, the QuickSpec is the place to start, also accessible via the link above, or (currently) directly via:

Not an HP (or reseller) employee. Just wondering once again why El Reg doesn't put speeds and feeds and the like in things like tables, given that table can be far more appropriate than sentences and paragraphs for presenting that kind of stuff in a clear, concise, and visually appealing way.

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Yes for tables

I have to agree for your call for more tables on El Reg. Tables can make comparisons much easier.

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