back to article Dropbox polishes iPad practice with patch

File-share resource Dropbox tweaked its iPhone and iPad app today, to allow bulk uploads and faster folder access. Version 1.4 features a new tab-based interface which includes a dedicated one for uploads. This can now be done in bulk with easier and faster ways to choose which folder files are saved in. Documents can also be …


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It's not Dropbox's fault but...

...when will Apple give us access to the damned local file structure on iOS???

Anyone familar with trying to upload a file using HTTP upload forms will know what I mean.

I mean, what about even a single sandboxed public directory, if they're so worried about security? Why can't I even look at idisk as a file resource from within Safari?

Or have I missed something really easy and obvious I should be doing instead?

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About damn time

It was a serious weakness in the Dropbox app that you could easily get a file from your Dropbox account to any app on your iDevice, but good luck getting anything but a picture from your device to your Dropbox account. This service just became more than twice as useful.

I think I'd better buy myself a Dropbox subscription.

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I think you have to use different browsers

I've not played with anything other than Safari, which doesn't want to let you download files. But I believe that browsers like Atom and 360 will allow you to download and save a file to your dropbox folder, or thier own file store.

It's one of those little frustrations of the iPad that make me want to beat an Apple exec over the head with it, every so often, for being annoying and contrary. However they don't affect me personally often enough to stray to the opposition.

My few weeks experience with an Android phone so far suggests that it's got its own little annoyances, most of which you can also work around with some customisation and downloaded apps, so I'm still waiting for 'the perfect tablet'. I suspect that before someone makes the exact device I want, I'll have long since popped my clogs...

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