back to article Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

Apple has sued Samsung for allegedly copying the iOS look-and-feel in its line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. "Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple's technology, user interface and innovative style in …


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  1. zenkaon
    Jobs Horns

    They're completely different

    Samsung has put the time all the way over on the right hand side.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    These people need to get a fucking grip.

    1. Rattus Rattus

      But if they do that,

      then they can't make calls!

      1. Big-nosed Pengie


        You owe me one.

      2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


        Best post.

        But seriously, Just when you think Apple can't get any lamer....

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I hear

      there's an app for that.

  3. Eddy Ito Silver badge

    Nothing but reruns... again

    Dueling handba... er, trashcans at dawn! Hey, at least it's fun to watch.

  4. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    Prior Art:

    I have an antique doodad that slices the corners off innocent pieces of paper, giving a smooth rounded edge.

    I used it to round one corner of my business cards, making them not only cool, but 25% safer.

  5. HP Cynic


    I remember when Apple announced they had 40 Billion Dollars laying about and Jobs refused to issue a dividend, instead "saving it for something nice".

    It seems "something nice" is having the endless money to file stupid lawsuits.

  6. Andy 129

    They used to say

    If you can't beat them, join them, now it's if you can't beat them, sue them.

  7. Camilla Smythe Silver badge

    Oooooooops Bugger

    Better strip all those..

    type TShapeType = (stRectangle, stSquare, stRoundRect, stRoundSquare, stEllipse, stCircle)

    enum TShapeType { stRectangle, stSquare, stRoundRect, stRoundSquare, stEllipse, stCircle };

    references to 'round' things out of programming languages and recompile Planet Earth before the Sue Fest moves to the next level.

    Watch out AutoDesk and other vendors of MechCAD software. Did you not know that you were only supposed to supply the arc/bevel function to Apple?

    Next up Ford Sues Toyota + Dog for putting engines in cars and fitting round wheels.

    1. BristolBachelor Gold badge

      recompile Planet Earth

      What's that you say? Planet Earth is not square, but has rounded bits? Don't tell Jobs, god only knows what he'd do!

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Don't tell Jobs, god only knows what he'd do!

        Steve Jobs *is* god. Ask any Apple fanboi.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          So that'why they call it the Jezus phone.. or was it the Judas-phone?

      2. amehaye

        The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

        Now I understand Minecraft.

  8. ratfox Silver badge

    What's their point?

    I thought that you needed to claim that a patent or something was infringed in order to sue...

    I mean yeah, they do look very much the same, and the iThingies were inspiration but I am not sure that is illegal in any way... (and it is not clear to me that the design had never been used before)

    I take it that aiming at a semi-friendly furnisher is a preparation for the big target starting with G.

    1. LaeMing Silver badge

      Their point

      is a distinct lack of points all roune, me thunks.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        All the points have been rounded off for legal reasons.

    2. Tom 13

      That was before someone invented the "look and feel"

      copyright out of whole cloth. It is making it impossible to implement obvious simple solutions to programming problems. Well, in the US at least, which is where the lawsuit is being filed. Things might be better in Ol' Blighty, but from comments I've read here, it's probably not by much.

  9. Arctic fox


    This means in practice that Cupertino have decided to sue *everybody*, merely starting with Samsung in the formal sense. The implications of the way they have framed their claim appear to be so widely drawn that they appear to be (in practice) demanding that everybody else get out of the smartphone business. They have had the lead in this market for the last 3 - 4 years or so but that (as was inevitable in a market growing at such a rate) lead has slipped. One simple question can be posed. Why now? Why did they not fire off a writ the moment that they saw the launch of the Galaxy S - if it was such a clear violation of their IP? Apple have apparently decided to declare war on the rest of the smartphone market - not the smartest move one could imagine. The company appears to have decided that vexatious litigation rather than impressive innovation is the way forward from now on.

  10. Robert Heffernan
    Jobs Horns

    Apple Fail.

    "Expect a settlement of this lawsuit, perhaps with a few interface tweaks and possibly some licensing cash flowing from Seoul to Cupertino."

    If that happens, I am dumping Samsung as my personal supplier of phone and tablet devices.

    It's also beyond a joke that apple is taking issue with the rounded corners of the phone itself. Rounded corners on a product such as a phone is almost a requirement, due to the (admittedly small) chance of the damage that could be caused to the device, or even to the user, a child, small animal, etc of being hit with the sharp corner when the device is dropped.

    Where the hell is the anti-trust case against Apple!

    1. yakitoo
      Jobs Horns

      Just think of the maids

      when its thrown by the Stretham Clothes Horse

    2. Manu T

      I think Apple is right. The SGS looks a lot like an iPhone 3G(s).

      Just look at the top 2 images.

      Let's be honest the Galaxy is an exact rip-off of iPhone.

      The placing o/t hard button. The screen with the similar looking icons, the dark gray bottom bar with 4 buttons. Every reviewer said so in their review that the Galaxy looked remarkable like an iPhone.

      Techradar January: "...the chassis looks decidedly similar too," "Hij ziet er misschien uit als een iPhone-clone, maar daar eindigen de gelijkenissen." (translated as "he maybe looks like an iPhone Clone but that's where the similarities end")

      trustedreviews: "Obviously there's the general feeling of homage to the iPhone,"- notice the word "obviously"?

      And the list goes on...

      As if Samsung is just defied Apple. Makes me wonder how many ppl actually bought one thinking it was a (cheaper) iPhone clone.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: I think Apple is right. The SGS looks a lot like an iPhone 3G(s).

        "Let's be honest the Galaxy is an exact rip-off of iPhone."

        Then the iPhone is a rip-off of my vintage Sony Ericsson if all you can do is gape at a grid of icons or a commonplace shape and think someone should have a monopoly on it.

        Samsung should cultivate their other customer relationships and leave Apple to struggle making their own chipsets, especially since a bunch of the semiconductor people Apple "acquired" have since jumped ship.

      2. dssf


        Look again. The face buttons are different. iPhone has buttons in different places.

        The body feel is different.

        I think I'll buy a Galaxy Tab II just to spite Apple...

  11. J 3
    Jobs Horns


    Hasn't Apple already lost the "look and feel" lawsuit... in the 90s or so?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: Er...

      Apple didn't lose their "look and feel" lawsuit. They settled, in return for a large cash injection and a guarantee that Office would continue to be available for the Mac.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        They did lose

        It was pointed out that Xerox's work was prior art and the case was pretty much laughed out of court. The MS Office deal was when Apple were close to bankruptcy and MS needed an excuse that they didn't have a monopoly.

        Look and feel might apply to luxury items like clothing and jewellery but consumer electronics? Or is Apple getting out of the market and preparing to be in luxury goods only? I can't see this case going very far as it would set a horrible precedent.

  12. Dave 124

    I guess I have to return my HP 45?

    Someone might want to show the idiots at Apple an HP45, yes, rounded corners have been around for quite a while. Next thing Apple will sue over is a phone with a battery, a case that doesn't have wires hanging out or using a screen with color. Apple - what looser's!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      over the top lawyers?

      Blimey - a company who's lawyers are going over the top in trying to protect their IP and market position. Who would have thought it possible?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In other news...

    Boeing has announced that it is suing Airbus for its look and feel of it's planes pointing out how similar they look, two wings, rounded cockpit at the front and a tail at the back.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Round Windows?

        Play School claims prior art.

  14. mafoo

    They didn't sue when this happened

    Samsung shipped a phone with apple's actual artwork on as its own for the GUI. Many lolz were had.

  15. kedaly
    Thumb Down

    Apple needs to grow up!

    iThingees are not the only innovative products.. Maybe nokia should sue apple for front facing cameras. I'm sure they're not the first touch screen device as well.

    Hopefully Google will win the bid for nortels patent portfolio and end this silliness for once and all.

    From my Samsung galaxy s

  16. NorthernSands

    18 days late

    I think you'll find you're 18 days late with this news item.

    Or at least I hope you are! This is one of the most ridiculous law suits I've heard of in a while (since some daft bint in the US sued an RV company). How far will they go with this stupidity? Do they specify the exact radius limits that they will sue over?

    I never thought I'd worry about Apple's smartphone / tablet market-share in the face of the opposition, not for a good few years anyway, but if they honestly believe this is how they are going to beat the competition, rather than simply having a great / better product, then perhaps we should all be worried.

    Yes, the Iphone4 and the Galaxy phone do share a resemblance, but if I had any sort of Apple product I would be hanging my head in shame. And if Samsung capitulate, being an owner of some of their products, I will hang my head in shame.

    1. Jason Hall

      Don't feel sad


      It's what lawyers do to earn their pay. There's nothing actually wrong with this once you understand every company would shut-down all their competition if they possibly could.

      If Apple's/Samsung's/Whoever lawyers weren't doing stupid things like this their shareholders would be going crazy looking for different lawyers who would.

      Now to ethical/rational people like you and me - this is obviously silly. But when was the business world ever 'ethical'?

      1. BorkedAgain

        Still makes me feel sad.

        Y'see, I know that these are rational business decisions made by hard-nosed people in suits that probably cost more than my car, but the emergent phenomena look an awful like petulant three-year-olds scrapping over a favourite stuffed toy in the nursery playground.

        Good grief, if an infant can get their head around the concept of sharing, why can't a corporation? And the thing is, almost every item of consumer electronics has rouded corners now, and this has been true since way before the iWhatever came out. It simply makes sense with anything that's going into a pocket or being held in a hand. And a touchscreen UI will end up looking similar as well. it's convergent evolution; it's also why the silhouette of a penguin (bird), dolphin (mammal) and shark (fish) all look similar.

        If I were the judge, I'd sentence the senior execs of BOTH sides to enforced sessions with Barney and Big Bird until they learned to play nice... No parole. Cruel and unusual, perhaps, but justified.

        1. The Fuzzy Wotnot


          "Good grief, if an infant can get their head around the concept of sharing, why can't a corporation? "

          Ah now that would be the fucking huge piles of spondoolics that can be made by all and sundry if this pointless shite actually manages to get to court and through a full hearing!

  17. Arthur Kater

    Copy or Creativity

    I don't like Apple Inc.

    They always played the poor underdog until they became a mean beast themselves. They became rich and powerfull with the help of all the app developers... and now screw them big.

    That said... In the case of the IPhone design vs the Samsung Galaxy S I believe Samsung did a poor job and merely copied the IPhone design instead of being creative themselves. When I first saw the Galaxy S I first thought of it as a IPhone clone.

    The IPad vs the Galaxy tablet however I see much less infringements (but still very little creativity from Samsung)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      How much scope is there to differentiate

      a touch screen device that you hold in your hand, control with your finger and carry in your pocket, without compromising the basic physical requirements? Do we expect paperback books to look different depending on the publisher? Is Apple trying to claim that icons with rounded corners are its own innovation?

  18. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Probable Judgement?

    "It's not that big of a deal".

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    It is somewhat like one band suing another because they used a 12 bar blues progression.

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Right well that's whatever is left of Status Quo's career fucked then!

      I'm sure the estates of such names as Mr M. Waters and Mr Howling-Wolf should get down the solicitors office first thing if they fancy an easy win!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    bring out your freetards!

    Any excuse not to spend money on your own r&d. We all know they are engineering geeks who would be out of place in an art course, psych, law or just about anything really.

    Look at the sorry state of ugly linux fonts and icons for all that time before they found starving artists drunk on cheap Chillean wine to do some finger painting for them.

    Paris cus she gets sum mo than your average freetard!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: bring out your freetards!

      "Any excuse not to spend money on your own r&d."

      Well, I think Samsung should give Apple the opportunity to do without Samsung's extensive R&D *and* manufacturing contributions to the iGadgets. A few quarters later and they (along with buffoons like yourself) would be considerably less smug.

  21. Lars Silver badge
    Jobs Halo

    I think

    Jobs is in desperate need of a brain transplant bye now.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. Tom 13

        Despite the downvotes for Oliver, I think he nailed it.

        It's not so much Jobs looking for the brain transplant as Apple. The last time he left, they almost did too. His next exit looks to be a bit more permanent, even if he stays amongst the living. When corporations lose their ability to innovate, they turn to their lawyers instead. Apple haven't shown much ability to innovate without at least one of Jobs or Woz.

    2. TeeCee Gold badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: I think

      I believe that St Steve of Cupertino is on medical leave right now.

      Actually, weren't the last round of "look 'n feel" lawsuits from Apple fired off when they were jobsless? Do they really not have *anyone* else in that company who can find their own arse without using Google Streetview?

      Next week: Next iPhone to ship with 2.1 speaker system, badged as the "New Tone"....


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