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Are you sick of cloud computing being shoved down your throat as the answer to all IT delivery problems? Or perhaps you are a convert and can't get enough of the 'C' word. Well we at Freeform Dynamics are pretty fed up with having the same sorts of discussions over and over again. It's getting a bit wearing having to keep on …


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It's one of those things everybody knows

<Grumpy old man>

The thing about things everybody knows, is that everybody is usually wrong, to me it's just another abstraction layer, that needs to be managed, and another layer of complexity to inexplicably wrong.

How I long for the days when it was either the computer, the OS or the Application, and where I started in computing even the OS was a layer of computing too much, just the processor and assembler, sometimes even straight machine code. And don't get me started on Glass Teletypes.

So what does your typical n-tier web app. need to run these days.

</Grumpy old man>

This topic is closed for new posts.


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