back to article Google counterattacks MS in cloud contract row

Google has fired back at Microsoft allegations that its cloud-based service aren't fit for government. The search giant argues that Redmond's technology has not yet met government-mandated security standards while cloud-based services from Google have, despite Redmond's suggestions otherwise. Last week, Microsoft accused …


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Cloud location

As I remember the big thing the DOI had issues with was the location of the software running their mail system. The DOI wanted it to ALL be on their site without their mail having to travel through some outside site as I understand. Does this mean that Google will be providing this kind of mail system software now?

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disjointed email systems

> users at the DoI are stuck with using 13 disjointed email systems that managers want to replace. ®

Excuse I, a late thought just occurred to me, what difference would the underlying platform make to sending email, unless some 'innovator' was plotting to totally lock-in the US GOV ..

"government-mandated security standards", like a computer that doesn't get totally owned by opening an email attachment ..


int year = 2010;

bool forever = true;

while (forever) { cout << year++ "the year spam/phishing/viruses will finally be eliminated "; }

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