back to article Ericsson to offshore hundreds of contract positions

Ericsson is cutting back on its contract roster to the tune of "several hundred" UK staff, with the roles going out to India and Romania in the interests of lower costs. Ericsson, one of the biggest suppliers of networking infrastructure to the cellular industry, said that support functions and office roles would be switched …


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Title? We don' need no steenkin' title...

"Those affected are contracted staff, so there won't be any redundancies as such, just fewer people with jobs."

Right. So those affected won't be unemployed, they just won't have a job....





If they are employed by their own limited company which is then contracted to Ericson then it's up to that company whether they are unemployed or not. Anyone with any brains has their next contract lined up. Isn't that the point of contracting??

I'm fed up of the whinging overpaid contractors round here bringing their germs to work because 'they don't get sick pay". Oh wait... who is it that actually doesn't pay them?? ah yes... their own company!


How ironic...

I'm fed up of permenant staff who are never round here because they are pulling sickies. Who is it that is actually paying them? Well - the tax payer in my particular case... or is it a victimless crime...

I do agree that being laid off at the drop of a hat is one of the risks you have to take on when you are a contractor.


The grass is always greener

Ah yes, the untold riches of Telecoms contracting!

I assume you work for Ericsson - given your erudite assesment of the issue? Well don't worry as you'll have plenty of opportunity to try contracting once Ericsson's attention widens after the current cull.

Best of luck :-)



This comes just as the offshoring bubble is bursting and Mumbai call-centre drones are leaving in their thousands, pissed off with the hours, the crap work, the conditions and the poor pay.

This will all go full circle soon enough as the job market smooths out the off-shoring ripple.

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cheap != good

Or at least not always. Look at the offshoring mess made by banks, BT and other people. Try and get help for most things these days. You end up with someone stuck at the end of a terrible phone line, dealing with a script on a computer system that guides them through your bank statement debacle today and someone elses computer system failure tomorrow. Its not fair on them, or you. The only reason SonyEricsson think they can get away with it is some accountant has told the big boss he can squeeze an extra little bonus into his back pocket. He will then have a stack of cash and can cut out of SonyEricsson when the shit hits the fan and the customers leave. His CV says how much money he saved the company and how much he learnt about the inadequacy of the minions beneath him (who probably all told him offshoring was a bad move). With the CV he will be in an even plumber job with even bigger bonuses and pay before the redundancy notices are dry.

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Ericsson / Sony Ericsson

Please read the article. Sony Ericsson and Ericsson are different companies!! One makes phones, the other makes and manages networks

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