back to article Help! I'm in an abusive relationship with my supplier

In a previous article we highlighted the various ways in which sales and service functions can be broken. If you are on the receiving end, then you have a legitimate right to protest and demand that things be made better. But some customers are troublesome for no good reason. They have been supplied with a good product or …


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not really

haggling is part of business. My annual budget is in the 10ks not the 100ks but I can equally go elsewhere if my suppliers are crap. Europc, probrand have always had decent service and prices whereas ccl have been shithouse.

I suppose it is how you approach people, I have always been honest and I dont bluff.


You're looking at it the wrong way.

Nasty and nice both have their place.

For the suppliers that can't, well, supply, being nice doesn't fix anything.

Being nasty means it's longer before you realise they wouldn't have done anything anyway.

Dumping them and going with another supplier means the job gets done.

Encouraging nice, promotes good-will between both parties if both hold up their end of the deal.

When one (or both) parties are nasty, then no-one gets any deal, but both feel better.

And I hope you feel better, because if you get an arse of a supplier, ALL you're going to get is a feeling.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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