back to article Facebook fixes Hotmail reset bug

Facebook has plugged a password reset glitch involving users who linked their social network profiles to Hotmail webmail address. The flaw, discovered by Turkish security researcher Serkan Gencel, also created a possible mechanism for cyber-criminals to lift Facebook passwords linked to Hotmail accounts. Gencel privately …


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I worked around this sometime ago

I don't have a facebook acount, who would trust those numpties with important information?



How do you know when a Register reader doesn't have a Facebook account?

They'll tell you.


I'm not sure what the issues entailed...

But, is there a possibility of tainted cookies being part of the problem?

In Firefox 4.0, to which i just upgraded less than 4 or so days ago, i have to delete the facebook cookies to stop getting a second login screen of facebook. Here's what happens:

- I took the browser off-line Tuesday evening

- I put the browser online on Weds AM

- i entered my password, as my username was already in the entry field

- I hit enter

- I see that the screen jiggles, then it takes me to an alternate login screen, but my password is not there

After this rigmarole 3 or 4 times, i fired up ie 8 and did not experience this.

I went back to ffox but decided to delete the fb coolies.. ummm, cookies

I then got "Cookies must be enabled..." or some such message. I did not get the jiggle/second screen business. Then, I entered my password and voila, my fb page loaded without further jiggling.

I think something is wrong with the fb/firefox relationship in the cookies when the browser is taken offline. I haven't seen this with other sites - yet. It is annoying because it does not foster comfortable feelings, although it could be a clue of something being amiss.


got me!

I was "notified" that my hotmail account was compromised by getting 6 "reset facebook password" text messages. Guess I'm not alone then :)

(Took about 3 hours for MS to give me my hotmail account back)


'need help" please

i read your post and find it helpful as i was hacked into my hotmail account. i can not go onto my hotmail account since thursday eveining. i believe someone got my password or hopefully what ever you did will help me get it back and then i can just reset my password. please help if you can. you can either post something back on my facebook if you have one or e-mail me at my wife's account at. thank you for your time chris

This topic is closed for new posts.


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